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About Mohs Surgery in Salt Lake City, UT 

Better outcomes 

  • Mohs surgery has the highest cure rate of any type of skin cancer treatment; 97-99% for primary tumors9, 10 and 94% for recurrent tumors10. The cure rates of other methods are lower: 89.9 %9 for standard excision; 81-96%9, 10, 11 for destruction, and 91%9 for radiation. This high cure rate leads to fewer recurrences than with any other method. 
  • Mohs surgery is the standard of care when a tumor is recurrent, has ill-defined margins, is in a critical cosmetic or functional location, or is large (> 2 cm) or aggressive. 
  • The Mohs surgical procedure microscopically examines 100% of a tumor’s peripheral & deep margin, where traditional vertical sections (“breadloafing”) examine less than 1%. Standard excision takes guesses at where tumor margins are and excises additional tissue (3 mm - 5mm in each direction). 


  • Because Mohs surgery removes one tissue layer at a time, the procedure preserves the maximum amount of healthy tissue, leaves the smallest surgical defect possible, and maximizes the chance of a good aesthetic result. 


  • Mohs surgeons often perform removal, pathology and reconstruction functions under local anesthesia in a single outpatient office visit, eliminating the need for expensive operating room time, general anesthesia, multiple hospital visits and multiple specialists. An extremely low recurrence rate ensures patients do not incur costs for additional procedures. 

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